Aerial Hoop and Lollipop Lyra

Aerial Hoop

Welcome to the circus!

Loving aerial life? We have a range of aerial hoop and lollipop Lyra classes avaialble each week at KPole.  

A great compliment to pole, aerial hoop combines the strength and flexibility of other aerial disciplines, and brings them together to create beautiful shapes and combinations.

Equally, you could bring the two together through one of the newer aerial art forms, Lollipop Lyra. Combining Pole fitness and aerial hoop for the ultimate level of strength and grace! 

Aerial hoop classes run in Beginner and Intermediate levels. We also have a 6 week introductory course, which runs on Monday evenings.

Lollipop Group classes are currently running at Mixed Beginner level only, but private lessons are available with our Instructor Elli.