We have a variety of classes available at KPole, from Aerial Silks to Acrobalance, as well as our signature Pole Fitness lessons. Explore all we have to offer below!.

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We hold a range of group pole fitness classes, from complete beginner, to advanced.

We have also introduced our newest piece of equipment, our Fly Pole!

Take a look and book your classes here!

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We have aerial hoop and lollipop lyra classes avaialable throughout the week at KPole.

Aerial hoop classes range in ability from beginner to advanced. Our lollipop classes are all mixed ability.

Take a look at the courses we offer if you are thinking of starting hoop with bus, as these may be just what you're looking for! 

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We hold a number of 'off the pole' and speciality group classes each week, including classes in posture alignment, body awareness and stretch, as well as our speciality classes in Heels, Pole Flow and Spin Pole.  

Take a look at this section for the full range of classes and ability levels involved. 

We even have classes for complete non-aerial students! 

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Introductory Courses

We know joining a new class can be daunting, so we have designed a range of introductory courses, to give you a taster of the classes we offer, and get you off on the right track! 

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Private lessons

We have 1 to 1 and small group private lessons available in all disciplines. Book now and let your instructor know what you would like to cover!

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Hold your very own KPole party! We offer a range of party packages, suitable for complete beginners to come and try their hand at the art of pole! 

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We pride ourselves on consistently attracting international pole stars into our studio for workshops. Check here for our upcoming events and other in-house workshops. 


Had my first pole lesson tonight and absolutely loved it. I am aching all over but never been so proud of myself. I feel empowered! Can't wait for next weeks session.



Completely and utterly addicted! The girls are like a family, it's such a good pick me up. Kim and Pam are so supportive any level can look fabulous on a pole



Been having lessons at kpole since April, I can honestly say I am so incredibly happy here! Kim and Pam are both amazing teachers! They have helped me progress so much and have encouraged me to push myself to do things I thought I wouldn't have the strength for! They have so much faith in their students to achieve their pole goals! 110% recommend them to anyone!