off the pole and specialised sessions

Flex & flow beginner stretch

Our flex and flow course aims to give you a more scientific approach to your stretch and flex routine.

Each week we will focus on a different aspect of our body, to uncover release techniques, flow routines, and stretches to maximise mobility and flexibility in this area. The aim is to give you a greater body awareness, and to help you understand why your body works in the way it does. 

Heels for beginners

For those wanting to bring out their badassery, welcome to heels for beginners.

Learn the art of sultry and seductive pole, embrace your sexiness and learn to love your body.

This class is suitable for beginners, although we recommend you have taken some pole classes before, as it will include basic pole moves.

You MUST bring your own shoes to attend this class, and they MUST be the correct pole pleaser shoes, not just high heels. Anyone who does not bring their own footwear or incorrect footwear will not be allowed to participate in the session.

beginner Pole flow

So you've learnt the moves, but now you want to know how to put this all together.....then this is the class for you!

Each week you will learn a short piece of pole choreography, put together by our resident beginner sass queen, Leanne.

These chores classes are aimed at beginners in choreography. All levels of poler welcome, but this class is designed more to look at movement, embrace your bodies and mainly, have a bit of fun with it!

beginner spindamentals

Is your favourite thing about pole the beautiful spinning combinations which look so graceful and effortless?
Or perhaps the thought of spin pole makes you feel sick to your stomach?!

Either way, we reckon you should come and try this class!

Whether its to improve your elegance on the pole, improve your flow or your moves seamlessly gliding from one to the next... or whether your just trying to get over your motion sickness, come and give it a try!

This class will be focused on beginner to higher level beginner polers, although we encourage more advanced powers to come along and work on fine tuning their trade.