meet the team


Kim clifton

For me, pole started out as a lot of things do for me, a spontaneous idea to try something new. As I turned up for my first class, on my own and not knowing what to expect, it started to seem like a bad idea.

How wrong I was. Pole has made me the most confident I have ever been and I absolutely love to teach and see people reach their fitness goals.

I'm a sucker for endurance and strength training and really enjoy teaching those fundamentals needed for pole.


pam mcghee

I discovered pole fitness during a period of my life where my self confidence was incredibly low. I remember being nervous at my first class, but everyone was so encouraging and immediately I was hooked. I haven't looked back since! 

Although I  enjoy all aspects and styles of pole and pole dance, I have a particular love for spinning pole and flexible shapes. 


ellie graves

Before I started pole, I remember watching videos online thinking ‘I’d love to be able to do that!’ but I told myself it would never happen because I thought I had zero flexibility or strength compared to these people! I turned up to my first pole class by myself feeling really anxious, but I absolutely loved it!

Teaching for me is so rewarding, I love to see my students leave feeling as though they have achieved something!

Dani Bayliss

I joined the KPole studio as a student a few months after they first opened their doors back in 2016. I originally started with Pole and then developed a love for Hoop, along with all the other apparatus! 

Hoop and Lollipop are by far my favourite as I love the elegance and flow that comes with it. 

I'm really looking forward to passing on my skills to the wonderful KPole students, and watching them grow throughout their own aerial journeys. 

Leanne French

I joined KPole as a student in January 2017. I'd lost a lot of the confidence I once had, so when I saw a Facebook ad about the studio, i decided to give it a go, hoping it would help me to get that confidence back. 

I walked into the studio on my first day, met someone who would later become my best friend, got on the pole, and was immediately hooked. 

I am thrilled to now be part of KPole as an instructor and help others achieve their goals. 

Zoe Bailey

I started pole in my second year of university so I've been doing it for 4 years now. As I was a dancer already, I was looking for a way to carry this on while being in a more enjoyable environment, and I found that with my uni pole society!

I  began teaching contemporary and heels flow classes for my two final years, and I am so excited to be able to bring my choreography to you at KPole!

Teaching heels is particularly special to me as I love to see the journey of both skill and self confidence, as dancers begin to appreciate what their bodies can do! I also love the mix between art, cardio and strength which makes it so different to just the fitness classes.


I’ve been doing pole just over 5 years, silks just over 3 years. What once started out as a fitness hobby has now become a healthy obsession to escape any current stresses life is throwing at me.

I’m also qualified as level 3 personal trainer, as I love keeping fit & helping others to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

I progressed quickly when starting pole because it challenged me in ways the gym could never compare. I loved the challenges. The way my body changed, adapted, and overcome things I never thought were possible. 

I love the thrill of achieving something that absolutely terrifies me but I love also being strong, not just in body, but in mind!!