KPole memberships

All you need to know

Why memberships?
We know that pole can be an expensive hobby, so we wanted to try and give you the best deal possible, by offering a discount when you sign up for a monthly membership with us. 

What does it involve?
Your monthly membership is a bit like a gym membership. It is a one off payment which comes out of your bank via direct debit at the start of each month. Depending on the membership you have chosen, this then gives you credits to book into a certain number of classes each month. 

What classes can I use my membership for?

Any group classes held at KPole. The membership does not include our courses or private lessons. 

commonly asked questions

How much is it? 
It depends on which membership you want to sign up for! Our classic 5 class monthly membership costs £48.00 per month, meaning your classes start from £9, rather than the normal £11 PAYG price. Full price details for all memberships can be found by clicking the 'Buy your membership now' button.

Can I sign up at any point in the month?
Yup! If you sign up part way through a month, you will be charged a pro-rata amount for the rest of that month, whilst still being given your full amount of class credits for the month (bargain!) You will then be charged your first full monthly fee on the 1st of the following month. 

How do I cancel?
Full T&C's will be given to you when you sign up for a membership, but we run a strict 28 day cancellation period for cancelling your membership. If you simply cancel the direct debit through your bank this does not cancel your membership with us and we will still bill you for any outstanding payments.