meet the team


Kim clifton

For me, pole started out as a lot of things do for me, a spontaneous idea to try something new. As I turned up for my first class, on my own and not knowing what to expect, it started to seem like a bad idea.

How wrong I was. Pole has made me the most confident I have ever been and I absolutely love to teach and see people reach their fitness goals.

I'm a sucker for endurance and strength training and really enjoy teaching those fundamentals needed for pole.


pam mcghee

I discovered pole fitness during a period of my life where my self confidence was incredibly low. I remember being nervous at my first class, but everyone was so encouraging and immediately I was hooked. I haven't looked back since! 

Although I  enjoy all aspects and styles of pole and pole dance, I have a particular love for spinning pole and flexible shapes. 


ellie graves

Before I started pole, I remember watching videos online thinking ‘I’d love to be able to do that!’ but I told myself it would never happen because I thought I had zero flexibility or strength compared to these people! I turned up to my first pole class by myself feeling really anxious, but I absolutely loved it!

Teaching for me is so rewarding, I love to see my students leave feeling as though they have achieved something!


Leanne french

I joined KPole as a student in January 2017. I'd lost a lot of the confidence I once had, so when I saw a Facebook ad about the studio, i decided to give it a go, hoping it would help me to get that confidence back. 

I walked into the studio on my first day, met someone who would later become my best friend, got on the pole, and was immediately hooked. 

I am thrilled to now be part of KPole as an instructor and help others achieve their goals. 

Nikki Rutter

I have been dancing since the age of 4 years old and always been in love with music which is what prompted my passion for dance…. in my opinion it not only inspires but soothes the soul…Just like pole and aerial.

I started pole in 2014 just for fitness, after a short while I progressed onto aerial too, and like many before me I became ADICTED. As I improved I then started perfoming in the uk and internationally.

I love to choreograph and share my passion to dance with music, and of course those that I teach will know that I love a pointed toe and an back arch!

Imogen Shepherd-Roberts

I have been doing pole just over 18 months. I used to dance so fell in love with pole pretty quickly, as it was a chance for me to perform again and also learn a cool new skill.

I love to teach any spin combos as I feel they are so pretty, or anything with a bendy back or split.

My day job is a coach, so if I’m not at the studio I’m at the gym. Also learning how to handstand because why not haha. My life is filled with a lot of activities!

Laura Jackson

I started Hoop and Silks in January 2013 at the Arts College I went to (wow that's a decade ago now!!!) In 2015 I solidified it's Hoop that's for me!

  I love to teach people how to find their own creativity! I always say "I want to create artists in yourselves, not mini me's" Very cheesy,  but also 100% true.

Outside of the Aerial world I'm a Latin dancer and performer (no not the Strictly kind ) If I'm not on the Hoop you'll find me dancing, teaching or performing  Cuban Salsa or Bachata.

Flossie aylin

I started hooping 4 years ago. I went to a class with one of my best friends. We went to a hoop class with Kim and I was hooked immediately!

I start teaching in June 2023, so I'm really excited to find out what I love to teach! If I had to guess, I reckon it'll be helping our new hoopers to achieve moves that they didn't get on the 'first go'.

When I'm not upside down you'll find me designing (I'm a graphic designer by day), reading, buying plants or climbing.

liam tipping

I have been doing aerial since 2012 after going to a class with a friend.

I love to train.....basically ALL of the things,  including pole, aerial hoop, aerial silks, hand balance and flying trapeze! 

In the 5 minutes a week i'm not training or teaching, I also knit and crochet.