pole fitness Classes

Our pole fitness classes range from complete beginner to high intermediate level. Take a look below to work out the best class for you! 

Beginner 1 Pole

This class will give you a great introduction to pole, learning spins, holds and strengthening techniques to help you progress safely in your pole journey. This level is suitable for any polers learning moves up to and including a basic invert and inverted crucifix, cross knee releases and basic spin combo's. 

Beginner 2 Pole

So you've mastered the spin combo's from Beginners 1 and inverted crucifix no longer seems the scariest thing in the world... looks like you're ready for Beginners 2!

These lessons aim to build further on your core and upper body strength, incorporating more complex spin combinations and inverted moves. You should be working on unassisted inverts and climbing spins to attend these lessons. 

Mixed Beginner Pole

Our mixed pole classes are suitable for any beginner poler. 

Whether this is your first session or you are well on your way to your first invert, we tailor these lessons to suit the needs of the students booked into the class.

Mixed Intermediate Pole

Our Mixed Intermediate pole classes are aimed at those who are comfortably able to invert and dismount unaided and are starting to work towards more complex inverted movements and complex spin combos. Once these are masteredm we will begin to work on arms only movements such as Ayesha, flips, drops and much more! 

Your instructor will provide progressions and regressions as required for the lesson depending on your level.


Absolutely amazing studio! It feels like a big extended 'pole' family! Very supportive instructors, they make you feel welcome, safe, confident and strong! Personally I've progressed so much since finding kpole, absolutely love it and can't recommend highly enough!



I love coming here for pole fit. It's all focused on the body and muscles rather than the sexy sexy, so it's a damn good workout. Plus Kim is an awesome teacher and an ace lady. This is the best pole school I've found .


Yorkshire (previously Birmingham !)

I absolutely love coming here! Both Kim and Pam are excellent instructors, they support and believe in you 100%. It has given me so much confidence over the past 10 weeks